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Any time an AI spots you from ANY distance they literally snap around from their current heading and snipe you from any distance with damn near 95%-100% accuracy. They virtually never miss.


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Play any mission, in particular we tested this on the new combined arms mission you have released with beta and every single time we play we are continually sniped almost instantly while behind cover of rocks or barricades. They never miss, they ALWAYS KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE.

It's frustrating, and damn annoying.

Please adjust this so they at least have to spray and pray to hit you. Right now they can be at a full sprint heading towards the area you have taken over and once they know you are in an area, they stop and within a quarter second have sniped your ass dead.

Please fix this!

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AI is far too accurate at any distance, but they are too accurate at long distances with weapons that are meant for CQ combat.

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Wouldn't say that they are too accurate. They are as accurate as any normal player is, and that's how it should be in a military simulation game.

However, I believe that they are too accurate in a very short period of time. I've experienced that sometimes they can zero in on your nearly instantly.

I noticed this on Veteran difficulty and up. On regular it seems around fine. Though on higher difficultys it becomes apparent that the AI is far to precise in targeting. Considering you as a player have to readjust after every single shot due to crazy recoil, AI doesnt seem to struggle with the issues of the living. Even under fire, they swoop around and shoot you right away crouching behind the rock. Harder difficultys should be harder, but they should be fair aswell.

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Duplicate ticket. Closing.