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Better Blend of Mixed Shadows
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I know there are complaints about the mixed shadows between CPU rendered hard stencil shadows and the GPU rendered soft shadows, and that they are mixed in the higher settings. however both seem to have their pro's and con's. And my request is just to make the best of it.

Personally I'm not too bothered with graphics and looks, but when something distracts me, I notice it, and i despise it. Currently I despise the soft shadows ranging from standard to ultra on surfaces such as buildings, walls etc because they create a horrible effect. (see screenshots). so the stencil shadows on low do a better less distracting job on these surfaces, however it looks horrible with foilage such as trees. and this is where soft shadows look amazing.

So my request is simple, how about modifying the "standard" setting for shadows, to only change natural environmental objects like trees, bushes and rocks to use the soft shadows and then the rest of the shadows like buildings, characters, vehicles and all other man made objects can use the stencil shadows. {F20226} {F20227} {F20228} {F20229}


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The way I see it, all level of settings have a mix of both, (with the exception of low and disabled) and the standard settings is really a setting right in the middle where it would hurt less. Those who want more objects rendered with soft shadows can use high to ultra as is, those who dont, and want to use stencil shadows can use low as is or disabled, and then for people who dislike the crappy shadow artifacts on buildings and walls, but also the crappy stencil shadows on foilage, and want a fair option of balance to eliminate both distractions can opt for standard.

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