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Periscope on AMV-7 Marshall door is not working
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The periscope on the rear troop compartment hatch on the AMV-7 Marshall is not working, thus, passengers are completely blind to the outside.

The Marid, on the other hand, allows its passengers to see outside, giving it an advantage.

In ARMA 2, the Bradley IFV had functioning periscopes. {F20221} {F20222}


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1.) Hop in the AMV-7's troop compartment.
2.) Look at the hatch at the rear, specifically the periscope.
3.) It is completely blank, when it should show the outside.

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There are NO windows to be transparent in the back of the AMV-7's troop compartment,

I believe the square you see in the rear door is a periscope so they can look outside before opening the door, i.e. the hole on the outside of the door is higher up than the aperture on the inside of the door, which also strengthens a natural weak point and makes it safer to look out of and keeps things water-tight if the outer window gets broken.

Apologies, b101uk. A functioning periscope should perhaps be added. For example, the LAV-25 and M2 Bradley from ARMA 2 had similarly-functioning periscopes, allowing those inside to see outside.

Updated ticket per your note.

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