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"Transport Heli" Support crash lands a lot and hovers in place near enemies
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The Helicopter AI for the Transport Helicopter Support crashes a lot when landing for pick up or drop off for no reason due to braindead piloting. This only happens about 40% of the time if the LZ is not PERFECTLY flat. However, the Heli will not land at all and just hover in place forever if enemies are within a kilometer of the LZ.


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Steps To Reproduce

For Crashes:

  1. Set up Transport Support for a mission via the Editor

2.Go in-game and call in for pick up

3.Repeat a few times in varying areas.

4.Notice that the Heli picks reasonable spots to land, but often crashes upon landing, commonly due to leaning in one direction too much, hitting its rotors.

For hovering indefinitely:

  1. Same as the above Step 1

2.Same as the above Step 2

  1. When you get picked up, tell the chopper to drop you off within 1KM of enemies
  1. Observe how it hovers in place near drop off point indefinitely.
Additional Information

This is frequent with all Helis with transport capability, including the Kajman.

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