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Default Xbox 360 control scheme issues
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When flying any armed chopper right rudder and fire are mapped to the right trigger causing obvious issues when trying to fire and aim. Also manual fire and free look are mapped to same button.

Can we get these issues sorted out?

Can we have an option to select the Arma 2 Xbox control scheme as default?

There is also an issue in that if we don't use the default scheme by disabling it and then create a custom scheme we can only create one scheme and every time we start arms 3 up we have to go into options and controls to re enable it. If the default scheme is selected then all you have to is have it joypad plugged in and turned on in order to be useable.


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Steps To Reproduce

Connect windows Xbox 360 controller (i have wireless white version)

Go into options and ensure default scheme is enabled.

Go into editor, place any chopper. Fly around, try and fire and aim. Notice rudder and fire bound to same axis.

Notice freelook and manual fire set to same button.

Go into control scheme. Disable default scheme. Setup custom scheme. Exit and restart arms. Go into editor and try and fly chopper again. Notice controls don't work. You need to go back to control scheme and hit ok. New control scheme should be enabled by default.

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