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Suppressed 9mm handguns do not kill in one headshot
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The 9mm pistols, the Rook 40, P07, and ACP C2 do not kill in one headshot while suppressed. Meanwhile the Scorpion and Vermin, which are the same caliber as the handguns, do kill in one headshot while suppressed (And yes, Extended Armor is off).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a 9x21mm pistol
  1. Equip suppressor
  1. Shoot enemy in the head at any range, including point blank, in areas the helmet does not cover, or if there is no helmet.
  1. Enemy takes two shots to die.
  1. Try the same but with a 9x21mm submachinegun and note it kills in one shot.
Additional Information

This has been an issue since early very Alpha. I can understand both the SMG's and pistols not killing at medium or farther ranges while suppressed if it hits the helmet, but this more powerful 9x21mm round (unlike the 9x19mm more popular in real life) should kill in one headshot no matter what at close to close-mid range with a suppressor.

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This is due to pistols having very low damage overall. See #8404.