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When aiming or zooming in the trees are begining to shine strangeley
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When you play during sunny conditions the lighting is "overreacting" sometimes and the leaves on the Threes are shining a bit to much during aiming and looking on zoom in mode. I dunno if that is because of Graphics settings or in general.

The whole looks like the leaves on the vegetation were covered by snow.



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Steps To Reproduce

Set sunny day conditions aim and zoom in trough your weapon or just zoom in by look

Additional Information

Graphical settings

Overall quality - Custom

Sampling 100%
Texture - Very High
Objects - Very High
Terrain - Standard

Shadow - Low
Particles - Standard
Cloud - Low
HDR - Low
Dynamic lights - Low

Overall - 2200
Object - 1800
Shadow - 100

Display Mode - Full Screen
Resolution - 1366x768 16:9
Aspect Ratio - Custom
Vsync - Disabled
Interface size - Large

Brightnes - 1.0
Gamma - 1.0

Bloom - 10
Radial Blur - 10
Rotation Blur - 10
Depth of Field - 10

SSAO - Disabled
Caustics - Disabled

FSAA - Disabled
ATOC - Disabled
PPAA - Disabled
Aniso. Filtering - Disabled

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We're going to need a screenshot and a DxDiag dump.

I have seen this, I think it's a nice touch, only applies to leaves that have a glossy finish, doesn't apply to all leaves.

Closing due to lack of response. If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket for it, making sure to include the require files/info.