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MSE-3 Marid & AMV-7 Marshall IFVs, smoke grenade countermeasures should primarily be operated by the commander/gunner.
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In military vehicles with smoke grenade countermeasures, it normally falls to the most tactically aware person/s in the vehicle to activate smoke grenade countermeasures, however in the MSE-3 Marid & AMV-7 Marshall IFVs it falls to the driver to activate them even though they are the lest tactically aware person with the most constrained overview of the situation, whereas with the Strider it correctly falls to the commander to activate smoke grenade countermeasures.

This should be changed, so smoke grenade countermeasures are activated by the commander/gunner, who are intrinsically the most tactically aware and most likely positions to be occupied by the player/s in SP/MP modes when in MSE-3 Marid & AMV-7 Marshall IFVs.

About the only countermeasure the driver should deploy is any exhaust smoke generating system that MAY be fitted, as only he/she can operate effectively (injects diesel into the engine exhaust system so it can vaporise forming copious quantities of thick white acrid smoke)


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It should be available to all crew members, not limited just to the commander.

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For multiplayer reasons it should be only for commander, so we don't see players sitting alone somewhere as gunners and firing all weapons and then when enemy returns fire popping smoke, jumping to driver seat and driving other location.

(Even better if the player can not jump to driver seat without getting first out and then back in in vehicles where there are no passage to driver location).

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