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Stance adjustment animations are unnaturally fast
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Adjusting stances seems to be unnaturally fast for a human, player behaves more like a robot with superhuman strength, flexibility and response time. Even changing regular stances seems to be unnaturally fast (stand - crouch - prone)

But mainly it is the animation where the player takes up a knee or stands up from a knee that is way too fast.

Try to take a knee or stand up from kneeling position in real life. It's hard enough without full combat fatigues, gear, weapons, etc.


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Steps To Reproduce

Launch editor
Place self as soldier/armed person
Go to full standing (Ctrl+W)
Then hold Ctrl+S and observe unnaturally fast change of stance through all phases
Do the same in reverse, Ctrl+W (from lying down sideways to full standing)

Additional Information

Most stance adjustment animations need to be slowed down 10%-15%, and the animation of taking a knee should be slowed by 20%-25%.

Animations for stance adjustments between prone and crouch should take the longest time, with upper body/arm stance adjustments taking the least, but still slower than current implementation.

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Please note I am talking about stance adjustments and not changing stance the normal (read: ARMA2) way.

I agree, upvoted.

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