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Picking up a rocket launcher when non-host in multiplayer loses the ammo.
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When playing a multi-player game and my mate is hosting, every time that I pick up any kind of rocket launcher that has ammo already in it I lose the ammo and pick up a empty launcher.

He's picked up launchers before made sure there is ammo in it, dropped it on the ground, or in a ammo box, and when I pick it up it's empty.

Then when I put it down again and he picks it up it's still empty.

Makes co-op games very frustrating when the host is the only one who can use dropped launchers.


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Steps To Reproduce

Have one person host a game over the internet, (we have not done any dedicated servers) where you can kill an enemy and take their launcher (as far as I know it's applicable to all launchers, but I know at doesn't work with OPFOR AT launchers).

Have another person join the game and pick up the loaded launcher, when they equip the launcher it should be empty even though it should have a rocket already loaded into it.

You can also have the host pick up the launcher first, make sure it's loaded then drop it so the other player can pick it up, then when the other player picks up the launcher it'll be empty.

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Tested on DEV build (Beta) as of 23 June 2013

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Duplicate of #6790. Also, fixed.