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Helicopter co-pilot who has taken controls of the aircraft, can't use flares.
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A helicopter copilot cannot launch flares when controlling a heli.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn an empty helicopter and get into it as a copilot
  2. Take controls of the heli and start flying.
  3. Press 'G' (the button to launch countermeasures), no flares will be deployed.

If you look in the top right corner, you wont see the amount of flares either.

  1. Switch to a pilot seat, and see how you are able to deploy flares by pressing G and you can see how many flares are available in the top right corner.

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Related to #10475

It has been noted within Bug #11737; co-pilot, gunners and crew chiefs can deploy aircraft flares.

This would really help as the pilot or gunner cannot actively see incoming AA missiles and react fast enough.

One year later, still not fixed.

Hey. They're trying to force people to play together. ;-)

More or less, should be only providing the tools or toys for people, and not trying to force a certain out-come. (Because if one does try forcing a certain result, it may not be what you expect it to be.)

Currently, most pilots flying the AH-99 still only know how to charge the battlefield. Hence, I tend to fly it alone using the gunner seat. Because of my experience, this bug is now a much less hindrance, especially since AAA rocket fire is so lethal against other large less agile helicopters.

Still, both should be able to deploy counter measure in the case the pilot is away on a pee break.

Still can't use flares, manipulate gear, or collision lights. But can now turn on/off lights as pilot, with co-pilot flying!