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Moon does not illuminate
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I really want to create a night mission, and I need the moon to shine through.

Upon finding dates with full moons, the light from moon does illuminate the ground, and the sea, but the actual moon itself is a faded grey with no light glow coming off it at all.

Sometimes its so faint it's difficult to see the moon without night vision.

I think this has happened in a latest update i am unaware of or something? Because on the new night showcase the moon is shining brightly, halo and all, but in the editor mission it does not.

I have tried this with and without fog/overcast.

I have tried all the dates, but the date i want needs to be around June/July/August 2017.

Tried using a lunar calendar app, to no avail, the moon does not seem to match real life.

So i'm struggling to find a good date.


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I don't know if it makes any difference, but did you try and get the full moon dates for Greece?

having spent time in the national parks of south africa i can tell you that even without electricity for miles a full moon will light the ground to 25 - 30% of what full sunlight would do, this should be reflected in arma

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See #2291. For the time being, you'll simply need to experiment with the dates in-game.