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SDV lights don't work properly in 1st person
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When it's nighttime and you are in the SDV, if you turn on your lights and go into first person and look at the camera screen, nothing lights up, but when you go into third person you can see the light is clearly shining on the object.


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What's your PiP quality?

My PiP quality is ultra.

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This needs some extensive testing for time of day. On the first try at around 1, near pitch black, I could see the light reflection off the surface and then particles, then around 4 with a bit of daylight I could see the water reflecting off the surface of the water but NOT the ground.

Another test at 3 yielded the lights illuminating the ground surface below water.

Upon further testing in varying times I noticed an anomaly at 0, the lights were not illuminating the ground surface BUT they were rocket objects around it..

Bit more testing, it appears that in the given scenario the lights from street lamps would not even appear in the PIP monitor! So it's definately a clashing of PIP with Dynamic lights...I thought maybe it was a performance saver but (aside from that making 0 sense) you CAN see the light at varying hours and not at all in some despite clearly seeing them through player eyes.

I think this issue is directly related to PIP rather than the SDV, just conducted a similar test on land with two empty hunters, one with its headlamps on at the rear of the other, the monitor of the one in front shows the light cones but not the illuminated ground.

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Duplicate of #9742.