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PiP mirrors not working in "HEMTT" (B_Truck_01_transport_F)
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The un-covered variant of the "HEMTT" truck (B_Truck_01_transport_F) lacks the PiP mirrors that are available in the covered "HEMTT Transport" (B_Truck_01_covered_F) variant of the truck.

Instead, the mirrors always show the default, pre-rendered environment/reflection map shader that appears when on vehicle mirrors when PiP is set to 'Disabled'. {F20096}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. IMPORTANT: Make sure PiP is not disabled in the game's video options!
  1. Place down the "HEMTT" (B_Truck_01_transport_F) with you as the driver in the Mission Editor and hit preview.
  1. Use freelook to check the wing-mirrors through the HEMTT's side windows, in 1st person view.
  1. Observe that they use the standard environment/reflection map texture.
  1. Try different PiP settings ('Low' to 'Ultra') to confirm that the PiP mirrors never show on B_Truck_01_transport_F, regardless of PiP Graphics Settings.
  1. Repeat steps 1-4, but change the "HEMTT" for "HEMTT Transport" (B_Truck_01_covered_F)
  1. Observe that "HEMMT Transport" driver can see PiP mirrors where the driver of the un-covered "HEMMT" can not, so long as PiP is not disabled.
Additional Information

I have tried B_Truck_01_transport_F with all available PiP Graphics settings from 'Low' to 'Ultra' and the PiP mirrors didn't work on any of them. The environment/reflection map shader would always display on the mirrors, regardless of which PiP settings were applied.

The PiP mirrors display for all PIP Graphics settings on B_Truck_01_covered_F unless PiP is set to 'Disabled' - in which case they use the environment/reflection map shader that permanently appears on B_Truck_01_transport_F's mirrors.

The attached image was taken with PiP setting set to 'Standard' in both trucks.

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Confirmed as well here. Same issue on the Zamak.

Duplicate: 0009745