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Aircrew members can be killed too easily.
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So this is more of a general ticket, but i find that aircrew members can be kill too easily, for example, if you hover at a speed of 0-2kph at a height of 20-30m and shut of the engine the aircraft with fall down, take a little bit of damage (avionics, engine, ect), it will not burst into flames but the aircrew will be killed by the drop despite the suspension of the aircraft and seating which should absorb most of the shock...

the same effect happens to aircrews if you attempt to land on water, once the water gets above halfway the engine dies, blades instantly stop (where they should power down) and you are told to exit the aircraft (which can not be done due to aircraft lacking an eject feature), and shortly after the cockpit becomes submerged you will be killed outright.

Combined with the current damage models of aircraft when it comes to impacts and aircraft exploding underwater this leaves you with pretty much no chance what so ever of survival.


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