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Direct communication slider.
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It would be nice to slide all other audio settings down and have direct louder then the rest.

I help Run a role-play server and it would be a nice feature to be able to talk like they would in real life with out other noise.


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I'm waiting for this feature.
Would be great

It would help a lot so we could hear voices over chopper ambients.

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This is a crucial issue with our server, as some people find the chat annoying, and turn off VCON. Then when an Admin is saying a global message, they won't hear it. This fix would be hugely helpful and much appreciated, thanks. *NOTE* This also means that you could have separate sliders for each channel, so you could, for example, have Global and Side chat loud, but group, command, and vehicle chat lowered.

this is a must have for most rp servers

Swazzy added a subscriber: Swazzy.May 7 2016, 2:45 PM

This can improve RP greatly, because as a cop at a checkpoint, it is crucial to be able to hear what the civ players are trying to say.

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This sounds conveniant

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This is still an issue. It would be nice to hear people in direct without turning up the ridiculously loud sounds of every vehicle as well.

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24-7-2014 And still status : New

Just had my ticket closed for this ticket, and it's something that's 2+ years old.

Direct communication worked previously before 1.54... Now it's completely unusable.