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The hammer of ACP-C2 is not cocked when in use.
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The hammer of ACP-C2 is not cocked when in use. Strangely enough, it's cocked when dropped on the ground. {F20058}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start the editor
  2. Place a Green Army faction infantry with the pistol
  3. Click the preview button
  4. Switch to the pistol and stand the sight of unnatural transition animation
  5. Take a look at the hammer
  6. Drop the pistol on the ground
  7. Check the hammer again

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It is a single-action only pistol; the hammer needs to be in the cocked position in order for the pistol to fire.

What are you talking about? The point is not that it's cocked when on the ground but that it's not cocked when in your hand. As Goose mentioned above, 1911s are single action pistols and you 'have to' manually cock the hammer of one before the first shot.

But I'm not asking for manual cocking/decocking or something, since Arma is not Receiver. What I'm asking for is just the hammer staying cocked. There is no situation in Arma where the hammer is decocked.

Maybe these will help you see what's wrong with the hammer in Arma 3 :

Thanks for pointing this out :-)

Thanks for listening :) I hope this will be fixed soon.

A nice little detail to be added.

I confirm this is fixed. The hammer is now properly cocked.

Mass close.