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Particle Effects SDAR Missing Underwater
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Underwater particle effects missing on the SDAR, you can see the effects at the end of the barrel, and on the impact, but the effect of the bullet traveling in the water is missing. Seems to appear on the 4th magazine emptied underwater. {F20054} {F20055} {F20056}


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I started randomly shooting underwater with the UW SDAR at fish and found this bug.

Then I started to empty all the magazines to check if it repeats itself and it did on every bullet. I then restarted to reproduce, I found that the first 3 magazines worked fine, but the forth magazine and everyone after had this bug.

After reproducing several times, I found out that it was the 4th magazine it would course this bug.

Additional Information

Same on every diver on every faction.
In the editor.
Started on-shore each time.
ARMA 3 BETA DEV BUILD 0.71.106777

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Are you still able to reproduce this issue? Thanks

Unable to reproduce and no reaction for some time. Closing as fixed.