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Ambidextrous Players
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An option to allow a switch weapon from right side to left side. It would enable more range of movement with leaning etc. Or maybe an initial profile options to choose left or right.

Difficulty maybe due to what an individual player is accustomed to or with practice could be proficient with both.

Enables full use of weapons with left and right hand control and may be a deciding factor for choice of weapons for someone choosing to play left handed Right hand dedicated weapons used on left side would have normal operation eg shells eject to the right. (Personally I shoot from the right)


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The developers have already confirmed that this won't be feasible, unfortunately. Hopefully they will change their mind.

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Cool Thanks for the heads up Dave...fingers crossed.

You do know that when standing/kneeling you can switch weapon from right to left by ctrl+a, right? Not exactly what you are asking, but it gives more options when leaning

The OP is referring to left handed support.

As I stated, my message was not a solution to what he requested, but if he was unaware of that option, it might help a bit now that he knows his original request won´t be implemented

There's still a desire to have left handed support though for those of us that are in real life. How would you like it if you were right handed but were forced to play the game left handed?

I never said it was a bad idea. I just tried to potentially help the OP with a feature he might not be aware of. Exactly why you perceive my posts to negative towards the issue I cannot understand?

It sounded like you were making the implication that left handed support wasn't needed since you can lean left/right.

i dont think playing as a right handed is too much annoying, after all, in real life most of the weapons wouldn't work the same with left handed people (unlike the Steyr Aug, maybe the AK-74 and the TAVOR, wich could be used from left handed shooters) but it would be a nice touch, just like having female soldiers, either as insurgency, Op For, Blufor, or even to be able to use them as soldiers

I can't find the thread but on the BI forums one of the developers said it wasn't going to happen due to having to create around 100-200 or so new animations and something like 1500 changes to different configs and models.

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Arent all firearms designed to be shot right handed? Wont you get hit in the face by empty bullet casings if you fire it shouldered with the left arm?

Not all. Many are able to have their ejection ports reversed. Plenty of weapons with ejection ports on the right side can still be fired by left handed people, it's just that some of them eject casings less conveniently than others.

Keep in mind that many of the weapons in the game so far are caseless anyway. The ones that aren't, as far as I know, can still be fired easily by left handed players anyway such as the pistols and the KRISS Vector.

i think just mirroring the animations should be enough

Not all guns are symmetrical... Text would be inverted, too. It's not that easy.

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See #2548. This is not going to happen.