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In Showcase vehicles
cant look through scope when aiming sniper rifle. Only green dot sight works

In Showcase infantry
enemy are too small so I use zoom so I can see them
it will stay locked in zoom while I play
when I go to showcase vehicles zoom wont stay locked
please add aim through scope to your keyboard control list
game should be set to play in your zoom mode then be able to zoom more using zoom.


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In Showcase Vehicles (BETA) I don't think the rifle still has a scope... am I wrong?

In config:
Set "LOCK AND ZOOM" to "Secondary mouse button" and NOT "ZOOM IN"... "ZOOM IN" is currently bugged as mentioned here:
Also make sure you're not confusing zoom with zoom toggle.

i BARELY think i understood what you meant, but i think you want scopes and optics to have a better zoom, wich i think no one will agree, you can steal the marksman combat optics in infantry showcase if you want to.

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Switching between scopes/reticles is already possible, you just need to find the key.

Otherwise, please only report one issue per ticket.