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UH-80 'Ghosthawk' landing lights are constantly on and produce no light.
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As in the title, you can't turn off the UH-80's landing light or collision light on the antenna.
The landing light also produces a beam of light but doesn't project it onto a surface.


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Place Uh-80 in editor, set to flying, set mission to nighttime, preview.
Note antenna collision light and landing light are on and can not be turned off.

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Confirmed issue.

The right-hand light cone is always when it should be off. Turning on the lights makes it look normal again. However, the light also penetrates the hull, and shines light inside the helicopter (as if it's not directed light).

Collision lights are also on when it should be off, and they are flickering. I think it's z-fighting. Turning them on makes them look normal again.

Confirmed. Also, the light emitting from the head light-bulb looks fake... like 4 sheets of paper at a 90 degree angle from each other. The lighthouse looks the same.

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