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Amphibious Vehicles Have Trouble Landing on Shore
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The amphibious vehicles included in the Beta roll out seem to have trouble in the transition between water and land. It seems to occur when one of the wheels hits the ground causing the water propulsion to stop. This happens with all the amphibious vehicles but occurs mostly with the larger APC type vehicles.

This has been reproduced but not every time, it seems to occur on steeper slopes coming out of the sea.


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Steps To Reproduce

1 - Take any amphibious vehicle on editor
2 - Either place in water, or on land and drive into water
3 - Drive onto the land from the water a various angles
4 - Observe the struggle the vehicle encounters when trying to leave the water

Additional Information

This was on the BETA released today, NOT the Alpha.

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Confirmed. It seems as if the new APCs don´t have a 6x6 or 8x8 configuration. only the 2 rear axis seem to drive the vehicle forward. and obviously they can´t push it on shore if only the first axis makes ground contact.

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Duplicate of #9767.