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[Feature request] Multiplayer editor
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I don't know what to write more, so i ask you: Can you add a multiplayer editor please?


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What exactly do you mean? You can already save your missions as multiplayer scenarios.

Creating a map in small group - for example 2 friends which divided a map on 2 sectors for fast work.

I am not sure if you understand me so just ask me :)'re making a multiplayer mission?

Together with any other player making a map like in normal editor (add units, objects, manage a move paths etc. ) where you are making a map actually alone.

Oh, I understand. You want to make a mission with a friend simultaneously to make it faster. It is possible. You can do this: each one of you makes half a mission, one of you uploads the unfinished mission somewhere, the other one downloads it and then the one who downloaded merges the missions. Is that good enough for you?

I know that it's possible with this way what you say, but it's too annoying and long :) My request is that players making the map online together. I think it isn't bad idea and for sure a lot of people could be enthusiastic ;)

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mmm..... MAYBE its possible, and somehow it would be nice, to have an admin option in a server to create a mission in co-op

You already are able to.

Navigate to /My Documents/Arma 3 - Other profiles/[Arma3 profile name]/missions

and create a folder called 'MPMissions' place the depbo'ed mission into this folder
(Or create the mission, save as usermission and move it from /My Documents/Arma 3 - Other profiles/[Arma3 profile name]/missions to the 'MPMissions' folder)

then start a online game in the browser and you should see the mission in blue, down the bottom there should be an 'Edit' button, click this and the people in the lobby will be placed on a 'Mission editing'/'Receiving data' (dunno what the screen is for A3) screen while you are in the editor, once done, hit save and then run it...

Boom, done.

Scarecrow398, you probably dont know what i mean. So if you can, don't add a tags like a ,,obsolete''....Thank you

You asked for a MP editor and there already is one, ergo, the ticket is obsolete.

If you want a Real time editor (place objects and items without having to exit from being playable) that's a little different and you should be more detailed with your description.

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He wants something like an online whiteboard for the mission editor. It's a good idea, I wonder if it's feasible.

Ok, i am so sorry that i wasn't accurate :)

I understood what Jindra meant straight away. Simultaneous mission editing with another player or more.

It is something I would really love to have, being able to create a single mission with my friend using 1 editor would be great.

But this has already been requested here:

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That... was a incredibly good idea.

Just a quick add, look at this:

Simultaneous SQF/SQS scripting capabilities. Imagine this being used in conjunction with this multiplayer mission editing.

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Duplicate of #4398.