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Convoy/Formation with 2 armored vehicles and 1 jeep
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This was something that was bugging me while I was setting up a small mission, with the new armored vehicles. I had 2 AMV-7s and 1 Hunter, with the AMV-7's both in the front. The second AMV was blocking the only exit from the compound, and all 3 vehicles was placed without formation.

When the waypoint started, the first AMV moved a bit forward, while the second didn't move at all, and the Hunter trying to cut through, though it didn't work. When I placed them all to be in formation from the start, I noticed that the Hunter was placed in the middle of the 2 AMV-7s, which was also the position it was trying to achieve before. So basically, the convoy wont move until they're in the proper formation, and does nothing to help other vehicles achieve their position.


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Place 2 AMV-7s at a compound, or any closed in area, with the special set to "None". Make sure they're placed in a column, and the second blocking the exit from the compound. Place a Hunter behind the second AMV-7, with the special also set to "None".

Group them all together to the first AMV-7, and set a waypoint to anywhere outside the compound.

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It dose that because you haven’t set the behaviour to safe or carless for the first waypoint, in which formation matters little, if they are aware or above they will want formation which puts the Hunter in the middle OR causes it to overtake the second AMV-7

Speed mode also plays its part, on fast they won’t hold for others to catch up so often, while in other speed modes they will more often wait for other to catch up by driving slower/stoping.

Both behaviour and Speed mode have effects on each other.

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Ah, that makes quite a lot of sense actually, I had forgotten that I had the move waypoint with those settings.

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