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New APCs have the tire screech sound on dirt
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The annoying tire screech sound has returned. It can be heard while driving on dirt roads, or grass.


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Is this a different issue than #591?

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No it is the same, but it was fixed for other vehicels.

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While it is somewhat alien to have tyres screech on normal vehicles with smaller tyres on dirt and hard ground it dose happen with some off-road truck tyres when there is hard underlying ground and you are using a medium tyre pressure due to, weight, the depth of the tread blocks and how they distort then slip which produces a “chirp” that then gets resonated in the tyre, it can happen under load either from drive traction/high braking load or lateral scrub from groups of unsteered axles in tight turns or when differential locking is used and turns are made due to the vast amount of tyre scrub that happened if all wheels are forced to turn at the same speed across all axles.

Quick youtube e.g. of a Titan SLT 8x8 250 tonne GTW ballasted tractor with tyre “chirp” as the tyres spin on hard underlying ground with dirt/dust on.

Anyway that my experience of Michelin X, XL, XZL of Unimog’s and bigger AWD trucks.

Still valid?