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Request - Ability to eploy certain AI operated weapon
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I wonder if it would be possible to add feature where player has ability to choose which weapon could be employed during combat by AI. E

xample: Player has an Group of AI where he has an Soldier that has and underslung grenade launcher. Player could have ability to decide wether this AI should use the grenade launcher or rifle. Or if player has an AT Soldier, player should be able to order AI to employ AT launcher instead of rifle (wether it's infantry/tanks/anything that is an target.)

That would give much more possibilities for players to make critical decisions when engaging different enemy forces and make the game playability much more funnier from an team leaders perspective.

Same applies to crew operated weapons (tripod operated heavy weapons etc.) player should be able to deploy these very quickly by having different team section and so that player don't have to select single soldiers to deploy first tripod and than gun, and to turn everything in right direction, but so that player can do it with single action and easy interface that would allow him to place the weapon in the direction and position where he wants it.



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