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optics toggle zooms in view
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after aiming down the sight using a scope with the acog and red dot on top, and switching from red dot to the acog using the numpad "/" key, your view will be zoomed in, as if holding the 2nd mouse button down.
to revert back to the none zoomed in mode (when not aiming down the sight) you have to press the numpad "/" again. this then means when you go to aim down the sight again it will be set back to the red dot sight.

essentially, the optics mode is effecting the zoom, when not using the scope


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use gun with red dot/acog type scope (I forget the name of it (RCO??)
and cycle between optics and notice the zoom for each when the not looking down the scope

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Description is kind of unclear, but sounds like this: #8592

This is simply a side effect of how the 3D optics work now. If your ticket was about something else, please create a new ticket with a more clear description.