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Context sensitive ingame UI not very sensitive at all
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I often find myself running around Quads, Medipacks or Ammunition on the ground for minutes, until -finally- the option pops up, to mount the vehicle or to pick the stuff up from the ground. It's extremely annoying and has been present in the Arma series forever. I'd really like to see that changed, as it is one of the major issues, that prevents the game from delivering a smooth gameplay experience. {F20007}


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Ingame UI
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Drop something on the ground and try to pick it up or try to mount a quad bike or similar.

You will often find yourself searching for the option to do so.

In the attached screenshot you can see me trying to pick up some med kits. success was achieved after about 3 minutes running around that stuff.

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DEVS, it's exactly the things that people find irritating in the ArmA games!
and one of those things that I think you would like to fix
now that you reach bigger audience and want to make the game more
approachable to the general gamer public.
Your own words BI not mine ;)

fix this please.

Yeah, it needs precision. This happens so often that fixing this would make a world of diffrence in games aproachability. From entering vehicles, looting enemies, climbing ladders, opening doors, it happens everywhere and everytime you start cursing the damn system. Hope the devs notice that this is a HUGE issue.

yes, i play arma since operation flashpoint and it always irritated me.


but we should go one step further: make all context-sensitive action tied to one key.
for details please see:

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@ twistking

yep. already voted that up. ingame UI in arma really needs loads of improvement

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Actually, IMO, the main problem is that the context menu works as a dynamic instance - it constantly shifts around, adding and removing options as they are detected as viable.

I think a more static version would be more precise. Consider the static menu of SWAT4 - you point at an object, right-click and a context menu tailored for a specific situation pops up.

What could work in ARMA3 is that the context menu should be generated once on-demand. For example, you point at the helicopter door, press the context menu button (middle mouse button, for example) and a static list is generated, valid for that given situation.

Also, the above proposition isn't anything groundbreaking, it already exists both in Arma 2 and 3 - for opening doors, mounting vehicles, etc - your context action is displayed as an icon. Incorporate the rest of actions into the same solution and you would only have to generate a very short list of 2-3 available commands (open/close door & board/exit).

It works very similarly in Take On Helicopter.

BIS guys and gals, it's time to do away with the old prehistoric context menu which requires you to scroll and re-scroll through hundreds of options. You have cleaned that up greatly in Arma 3, but I think the way forward is a more focused on-demand action menu.

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dslyecxi has some extremely good points about these problems here:
IMO BIS should make this kind of stuff their top priority right now.

his video pretty much speaks my mind. makes you wonder though, why people have to rub bohemias nose into it. everyone else immidiately sees how shitty and annoying this system is just by playing the game. the devs should have been the first to notice that years ago...