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"Free Aiming" is too restrictive and only accessible with optics/sights mode.
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In Arma currently, if you aim down your sights or optics and press your free look key, you gain the ability to make slight adjustments to where your weapon and head are pointed while maintaining your direction of travel.
However, the field of movement is unrealistically uniform (In reality, you can aim further away from the shoulder your rifle is in than you can towards it, see the video for examples), and far too small to be useful in situations this kind of weapon handling is most important (close quarters).
I believe it should be realistic, in that you can look approximately 45* in the direction of the shoulder your weapon is in, and then 90* away from it. I also believe that to enhance this, there should be a key or function to switch shoulders (To reduce clutter/creep, this could easily be done with a stance adjust left or right when in the mode). I also believe that there should be an option to have this aiming mode work in any stance that has the weapon up and in the shoulder, or at least at the slow pace with the weapon up as well as when aiming down the sights, so that it can also be used to enhance players' situational awareness and allow them to do so without losing the ability to quickly drive the weapon to any targets that may present themselves.
I've included a video that demonstrates how the human body actually works and how it works in ArmA, with a number of arguments concerning how much smoother and more natural adding a "weapon handling" profile that allows the weapon to actually be handled without A) waving the gun around without moving vision with it or B) orienting the entire body. It's more realistic, the system is already implemented, and I believe it compliments the new stances extremely well.


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Spawn any infantry unit with a rifle.
Aim down the sights.
Place the point of aim on a spot in the environment such as a sign or tree or corner of a building within 50 meters.
Press (and hold depending on bindings) your freelook key, and then move your point of aim completely to the left and then completely to the right, observing where your point of aim stops at both points in relation to the center point.

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A video of me demonstrating issues, solutions, and reasons that this system could benefit greatly from a simple improvement:

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