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Please consider this issues for scripters; It's pretty much what makes or breaks a game!
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  1. More responsibility towards updating information regarding scripting commands that are available for Arma 3. It irks me to go to the Arma 3 Command Reference, click on a command, and be taken to the old Armed Assault wiki, or Arma 2. At least have the decency to contain Arma 3 commands and multiple examples, within an Arma 3 dedicated wiki that you guys take care of. It's not our job to keep track of what commands work, and which ones no longer work, and which ones have been taken out all together. It's bad enough we have to decipher Single player code, from Multiplayer code, which is not easy at all.
  1. The ability, or command to retain a player's name, or an AI unit's name, after respawn, so that our scripts won't become worthless after the AI's, or players die in multiplayer. Why have a name field if it's forgotten after respawn? This is the most important request here. All my scripts that worked in Arma 1 do not work in Arma 2, because SetVehicleInit, and ProcessInitcommands have been removed, and replaced with a MORE complex illogical means of doing, that obviously noone else has figured out either.

I searched the web for "Arma 3 How do keep a unit's name after Respawn"; Is this a matter that can't be fixed, won't be fixed, or just hope it fixes itself. More people are wasting their time with frivious Battlefield 3 junk requests for Arma 3, but the scripting is all messed up in Arma 3.

IsNull, Isnill, Isserver, isdedicated, it's become more complex than its worth, to create these missions you want us to jump into!

I'm angry of course, but I've just spent nearly a week trying to figure out how to retain an AI units name, "E101", after respawn, so he can complete his waypoints and what ever else I have planned for him. Please fix the scripting, so we scripters can provide everyone with fun maps to play.

I've been scripting since OFP, so I'm not exactly a novice, but I'm not Mando either, I'll admit!


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Sorry, but this is beyond the scope of this tracker. I recommend taking this to the forums.

On a positive note, scripting command changes in the upcoming beta are said to be better documented.