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Visual HUD Indicator for "OBSERVE THAT POSITION"
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this is an idea which i think will be very good for the gaming community

Im a seasoned arma player. Lately Ive been having a good time playing CTI - Capture the island - with noobs in my squad ie people ive never played with before, who keep asking me "where to buy the sniper rifles"

but then we start trying to play together, and trying to win, and they follow my move orders and attack orders etc because they can see the MOVE arrow - its still too small please make it bigger its not gamey it just substitutes for certain IRL things - and they can see the red attack indicator, so attacking is fine

but defending is not so good because there is no VISUAL INDICATOR FOR THE POSITION I HAVE ORDERED THEM TO OBSERVE, and noobs dont know what bearing is or any of that. if you tell them to watch 300m bearing 15 they start going on about sniper rifles again. so basically they now dont know where to watch, which makes our defense not so effective

I just think that adding this indicator will be a good thing for helping noobs get into the game, which i think we all want, plus it helps in a way that makes noobs more useful to the team, which the experienced guys will also appreciate


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1 - Play CTI mission,

2 - have someone join your player group,

3 - order them to watch a specific location,

4 - ask them if there is any visual indicator on their HUD showing them where theyve been ordered to look

5 - get a response in the negative

6 - come upvote this ticket

7 - awesome show great job

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First of all it should be "observe" instead of "observer". Secondly, if someone doesn't know what are bearings, teach them. Just say "it's those little numbers on your compass" or something like that. But an "observe" indicator is a good idea so I'll upvote.

Yeah what the hell. Enemy indicators, observation indicators... it's all good on the easier settings to get people started or for people who don't want all the work that comes with realism. Upvoted.

things is IRL you dont have sidechannel or some spaz screaming on global as youre telling your squad where to look or a noob squadmemeber who doesnt even realise youre actually talking to him.

the "observe that position" command exists already, theres just no visual indicator for it and i think there should be. maybe make it quite a large indicator so that you still have to talk the guy into "watch the bottomr right corner of that house focus on the doorway" type thing

dude these noobs are out of control lol just getting them used to the idea that they might have to sit for 2 minutes watching a house is already hard enougn lol

I don't think Arma is hard game. Noobs shouldn't be "out of control".

Btw, a little suggestion: if implementing the visual indicator, make it disappear after a few mins or something because with your own waypoint, the task waypoint and the "observe" indicator it'll probably get cramped on the screen.

yes i think definitely it should only last 5 or so seconds

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