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205L barrels (green with flammable markings) and 20L fuel cans lack fuel cargo to refuel from.
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Back in A2 and TKoH the green 45gal Uk (205L) barrels (and others in TKoH) had usable fuel content which could be used to refuel things (Air, Sea & Land vehicles), I also seem to recall that the 20L military type fuel can also had fuel content.

Given the lack of working fuel stations on Stratis and that the barrels in prior games had finite fuel capacity would it not make sense to fix/reintroduce this and perhaps take it a step further than before, so e.g. the 20L Fuel cans can be added to vehicle inventory in numbers (noting inventory space) or perhaps one or two carried by a soldier with a backpack of a suitable size taking up most/all of its space. (realise you may need to introduce one of your many other barrels as the green one is places around the map)

With the 45gal Uk (205L) barrels and 20L cans, could some vehicles with open cargo areas be given some extra “cargo specific” memory points occupying the cargo floor space which will override their occupancy with persons and visa versa based on the logic of space taken up and/or vs. mass (whichever would be the logical limiting factor in RL) (while at the same time as suppressing the vehicle from using the fuel in them or making refuelling a mouse wheel selection rather than automatic)
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Added some example images for vehicles with open “cargo” space.

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looks great!
Here just need to add few proxys for models, and player can put ammoboxes and canisters in cargo!

BIS, please consider this idea!

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