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Damage/detonade/broke items, rucks, inventory, lanchers by taking damage
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When player take bullet or explode in vest, ruck, weapon, launcher, his carryed items can be broken, damaged or detonated (likes mines,satchels,grenades, binaculars,laser designator, etc.)


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Eazy to realise:
For each item add 'health/armor' value
Detect hitpart of soldier and directly/randomly setdamage for items in gears array
Explosives and roket launchers can be exploded by bullet hit
Items, scopes, etc. Can be broken and unuseful

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add lnie indicator as for bullets ammount in magazine in inventory

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Part of this is a duplicate of 0009631.

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Its not dupe here about all items in inventory

Okay, it's related.

Most explosives are way to stable to be detonated by a hit from a bullet, but I like the idea of equipment getting damaged. Particularly if the soldier is hit with rockets, grenades, etc.

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