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Macro/Micro Waypoints/Routes
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I have a request that will benefit the majority of mission editors/makers.

The ability to have macro (or micro, not sure the real name for it) waypoints/routes that can be used in conjunction with current in game waypoints.

Say for example I want the AI to get from A to B, but I need to get the AI to arrive at a POI (Point of Interest) along the way, pressing CTRL and clicking along the waypoint line will put a point, in which you can manipulate it in certain ways. Like splines, except having curves are not needed.

Then I can drag that point at the POI and the AI will follow the waypoint, which is now a route from A to that POI and carry on to B. It should be possible to use commands/scripts at any created points. And more than 1 points can be created too.

This may help with convoys, forcing the unit to patrol through streets, alleways etc.

I really wanted the AI Drives of the Hunter to drive a set path and park underneath the Military Shed, but they dont, they just drive straight into the support beam OR drive near the waypoint and get out but not AT the waypoint.

See this picture for example:

The scribbled line is a waypoint, the line with the points is a Route.

I have also uploaded the same picture too incase you cannot view the link for some reason. {F19946}


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  1. Have the possibility of adding points along a Waypoint that can be moved, which forces the unit to go to those points.
  1. When a point is created, the Waypoint now becomes a Route
  1. The unit have to arrive at that exact position of the point to continue along the route. NOT NEAR IT. Unless specified by Completion Radius.
  1. This would be useful in guiding a unit/group through a building, forcing them to walk down a street through an alleyway, Forcing a plane/helicopter to dive, hover near structures (by using the Height option on the Route), Guiding vehicles down a set route to avoid crashing into things or parking into perfect positions etc.
  1. The unit/vehicle can still follow the road while using a Route. But when it hits a point off road, it will follow the point exactly as the mission editor wants it to.
  1. If its possible to alternate between waypoint and route (i've noticed "Category" in the waypoint box) That would make it far feasible and far better. Obviously we can tell what waypoints are because of the big circle with a dot and a triangle in it, and we can tell what a route is because of a visible black dot along the waypoint line.

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If I remember correctly, now, once you set the route,
if you want to add more points in the middle of it,
you have to set more waypoints at the end of the route,
and then move all the middle waypoints according to your new desired route.
So I like your idea of clicking CTRL to add more waypoints in the middle.

But other than that, why would you need micro waypoints?
just use the normal waypoints, where ever you want.

Valid Point, but for example if you have 2 waypoints 10meter within each other 1 of 2 things would happen.


  1. The AI would go crazy turning in circles unsure what they are doing


  1. The AI would skip the two waypoints and move straight on to the next JUST because they are 10meters away from each other.

My idea by using routes and points would be to force the unit to each point's position NO MATTER how far apart they are. If there are 2 points 5 meters apart, the unit will still use them rather than skipping to the next point.

In a mission I need to guide an enemy patrol through a building, into an alleyway. If i have 2 waypoints they can take any path at random, which is not the effect I want.

Think as the points as the "BIS Unit_Capture" and "BIS Unit_Play" for every movable unit/vehicle.

Except that this does not hog the system resource as much as UnitCapture/Play would as they force a vehicle along a route predefined by a player... recording EVERY minor position along the way generating lines upon lines of codes. Useful for pure accuracy, but my idea would be just as perfect.

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I understand your point and the problem you are having.
however I think that your idea will not solve this.

The real problem, like you said,
is that the AI ignore (or get confused by) waypoints that are too close to each other.

What assurance do you have that micro waypoints will solve that?
Most likely it will be the same, since this is an AI issue and not waypoint type issue.
I would say open a ticket (or change this one) to address this specific issue.
Unless there is already a ticket on it.

I still like your click CTRL idea!

on another note, visually I like how you did the micro waypoints,
It has much less clutter on the screen than the big circle of the
normal waypoints.
Could be that if a waypoint is marked with "No Change" it will be small.
I don't know.

I forgot to mention, currently the AI's pathing is far better than in previous games. And this is a confirmed feature...

"Improved micro AI and path finding"

Maybe this "Micro AI" can be incorporated into my idea for Routes/Micro Waypoints for more precise forced pathing.

I dont know how the waypoint system works so I am going to guess to explain my idea.

The game map is made up of Grids with Coords that uses X,Y,Z positions for 3D placement.

I believe that a waypoint uses the X, Y, Z of the Grid.

So placing a waypoint at Grid Coord 025052. There are no visible decimal numbers, only rounded numbers, these are just the coords

However the waypoint actually has decimal numbers so for example:
X = 2509.31 meters
Y = 5288.83 meters

My idea would be to allow a point in a route to fine tune this position even more so it would be like this for example:
X = 2509.31325
Y = 5288.83224

Combined with Micro AI, the unit must arrive at that EXACT position before continuing on to the next point in the route.

So instead of walking to 2509.31, no matter how close the unit is, even by 10 millimeters the unit still has to arrive at 2509.31325 not a mil more not a mil less.

The problem that I have with waypoints so close together for example:
Waypoint 1: X = 2509.31
Waypoint 2: X = 2550.31

These two being so close, the waypoint will instantly jump to Waypoint 3: X = 3223.31 because the unit thinks that it's arrived at Waypoint 1 then all of a sudden Waypoint 2 so whats the point in walking there when I can jump to Waypoint 3.

I hope I explained it better.

ps. Yeah I love the idea for CTRL + Click one way or another :D

I must mention that if there is a route used on a player leading a group or going solo, it will be a waypoint instead of a route as we, the players are clever enough to walk where we need to walk... unlike the AI who walks to where they need to go... usually the way we would not want them to go.

If the player is following their leader with a route waypoint, then it is still a route and not a waypoint as the route is assigned to an AI, therefore they MUST arrive at that position specified.

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"If I remember correctly, now, once you set the route,
if you want to add more points in the middle of it,
you have to set more waypoints at the end of the route,
and then move all the middle waypoints according to your new desired route.
So I like your idea of clicking CTRL to add more waypoints in the middle."

You can place waypoints any point of existing waypoints. You only need to know what is the next waypoint number and you get that information by double clicking the waypoint, check the number and then simply double click new waypoint to wanted position, select the next waypoint number and new created one comes before it.

Yes, it is pain to suddenly need to do 10 new waypoints middle of existing one or at begin as you need to change the waypoint number but easier than moving all waypoints and adding new to end.

I think the CTRL and clicking midway between 2 waypoints should be a seperate ticket. I will create one.

Somehow it feels like that this ticket... will not be acknowledged because the idea is just not possible.

Should that be the case, then can a mod close this ticket.

I am hoping that it is sort of possible, but I wont get my hopes high.

can this be cancelled/deleted?

I proposed a similar idea, but my suggestion was only for LIVE players/gamers, not the AI. [Ticket: 0006391]

I proposed a simple waypoint system for pilots. Just click a special button for pilots (or authorized people) to insert a waypoint route onto the map. Then the current map would pop-up and:

Click (Waypoint 1),(type a short description label)
Click (Waypoint 2),(type a short description label)
Click (Waypoint 3),(type a short description label)
Click (Waypoint 4),(type a short description label)
Click (Waypoint 5),(type a short description label)

Pilots could then plan their flight in & out of the target zone. Short descriptions could include simple things like "take-off, loiter, IP, target, refuel, land".

  • If gamers don't want to see the pilot's waypoint route - BIS could have a SHOW/HIDE button on the upper right hand corner of the map to show/hide the waypoint route! Then you would only see the rest of the icons on the map, not the waypoints.

Secondarily, I figured that mission planners could use that same system to mark routes for various teams in a mission planning phase of a complex assault.

Again, only authorized people could put a route on the map. And players who don't want to see the route on their map, could click the [SHOW/HIDE waypoints] button in the upper right hand corner of the map.

I think that system is simple, and it could work very well. However, my suggestion was only for live players, not the AI soldiers.