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Military Police
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Game would become more complete if it had Military Police Vehicles and Uniforms etc.

Police car and or Police truck with working siren and lights, Taser, Uniforms, Baton, Controllable spotlight to find the bad guys and Handcuffs etc.

Hand cuffing Animations + all animations required to make a full arrest.

Siren, police radio chatter, Police Orders example: "put your hands up now!"

PS. I hope the community stands behind me on this feature request:)


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i haven't seen the MP doing anything of the things you mentioned in the ticket, sounds more like common police, besides, as far as i know, military police only works inside their own country, you didn't saw military police in vietnam or military police in afghanistan. (after all, the US army itself its like a police department, LOL)

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Doesn't military police punish war criminals or something like that?

@Dr Death: I'm currently in Germany and several people from Germany have told me that the US-Army was/is using military police units in Germany. I'm certainly not sure if it's the same for Afghanistan though.

what the point of trying to arrest people when more or less they have guns and would more or less try to shoot you before it you can get any where near them to hand cuff them. also the working sirens will just give away you position any way. so what the point in have them in the game. the only thing i can see them really doing is put up check points like in taskistan life and just try to make sure the civ arnt doing any thing bad. plus they can be modded in the game any way so why

Yes the MP is stationed abroad and their task is to keep the peace at base, just like regular police does on the streets.

However I don't think ArmA 3, or at least not the core game, should have MP's walking around.

I understand it's more a "[map name here] Life" or real base simulation thing, instead of increased gameplay, so therefor I'll downvote this feature request.

I'm certain you'll find more luck with the modmakers to create this kind of stuff.

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Akinari, what i meant its that military police are never deployed in the front, they are just a police for the military forces, or soldiers in reserve, adding military police to the game would be unrealistic and stupid, and like i stated above, i haven't seen no military cop doing anything the ticket mentions, its more of like something ANY REGULAR cop would do, and MP ain't no common cop

Military police DOES deploy to other countries, where they police their own soldiers (drunk driver, deserters, substance abuse, etc.) However this is not terribly relevant for the game.

But they also handle prisoners of war, traffic control for military convoys (both combat troops and supply trucks), escort VIPs and perform as couriers for sensitive information. These actions all seem interesting for scenario design, and thus I see it as a relevant request to include character models + MP specific skin for a vehicle.

Furthermore the ability to restrain an individual could be useful for ordinary soldiers/special forces as well. Currently being a prisoner has to be roleplayed/scripted, as you can run freely, pickup weapons, shout to others. Having equipment to stop a character for picking up/using items, disabling running or gagging a prisoner to stop them from alerting the enemy would be great.

I imagine the RP life modders would have a field day with this as well