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add more spatially descriptive words to radio protocol
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requesting the words "up" "down" "above" "below" "top" "bottom" to be added to the radio protocol. will add critical spatial communications to teams (in cities, near cliffs, etc) and allow further conversation scripting for the community.


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a long shot request: add speech synthesis, or a few character sets as options for mission designers. like i said, long shot request ;)

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possibly the community could write up a list of requested words and phrases, and once a year bohemia bring in the official voice actors to record them, so they are more 'seamless'. Maybe we have to pay extra for that, im ok with it. Anyone else?

Man I never did custom radio messages. I want to try with this game though.

It seems to me like no matter what words get added there will always be something missing without a speech synthesizer.

Idea! ArmA 3: Vocaloid! :3

beyond my skills, but a solution for text-to-speech could be callExtension, and a dll that contains a tts library; seems all the very high quality voices cost money, but you'd be able to adjust tone too (that could mean shouting is possible right?)

This ticket can be CLOSED as 'wont happen', or something to the effect. no need for it to remain open

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