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MRAVs are same/less resistant to mines compared with civilian offroad
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Military vehicles we have in Alpha are so called MRAVs (Mine Resistant Armored Vehicle), so I would expect to be more safe in case of mine explosion.

MRAV is expected to maintain moving capability in case of lost tire or deflation of all tires. Civil cars typically do not have such capabilities. But in game they behave exactly the same.

The same issue with complete destruction of vehicles. It should be really difficult to completely destroy MRAV by using mines and RPGs and get crew inside killed. Now civil offroad and MRAV feels exactly the same. Amount of "luck" and mines to get vehicle completely destroyed is the same.

So far MRAVs and civil offroad sounds the same. But there is mine which MRAVs trigger, but civil car do not. And this fact leads to conclusion, that if you want to live longer in encounters with mines, choose civil offroad instead of MRAVs.


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You seem to underestimate RPG/AT and its purpose vs. that of the purpose of MRAP/MRAV being IMV’s

Some RPG have twin warheads for dealing with reactive armour even with the venerable old RPG7, even humble light single warhead, single stage HEAT warheads have RHM penetration capability’s far beyond that of most IMV’s and even IFV/APC, as one is a contact blast from a shaped warhead directly on the hull closer to a right-angle (stand-off cage-armour helps reduce this risk), while the other is a shaped warhead some distance away from the hull at a much reduced angle.

MRAP/MRAV are heavy vehicles in comparison to a pickup, therefor the latter has a lower chance of setting off an AT mine (this is given AT mines are normally buried and don’t normally appear on the surface like the AT mine dose in A3)

As for mines, like AT mines, MRAP/MRAV wheels and their suspension are designed to be sheared off in larger blasts to help stop them being flipped over as harshly, most smaller AT mines will quite happily disable MRAP/MRAV stopping them moving for any meaningful distance.

As for run-flat systems, there are 2 principle types, one is easy to fit (no special tools or knowledge other than basic tyre fitting) multiple part solution which is ok for tyre deflations from bullets etc but is useless for explosions or when the tyre is very badly damaged with parts missing, the other is a large rubber band that is expanded over the rim between the tyre beads which also acts as a bead clamp, extremely resistant and durable to mines but very hard to fit to split-rims without a press or other method of pushing down without damaging the tyre/rim and can only be fitted to single-part rims by a special machine.

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The RPG works fine.

The mines are the problem. If a vehicle is called a Mine Resistant Armored Vehicle it should be mine resistant.


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MRAV/Ps are designed to protect the crew, so a large enough explosion should immobilise it. However an APERS shouldn't be able to do this.

The MARVs need run flat tires! The wheels are too vulnerable as they are now. What we need are three states for tires:

Inflated/intact - Full range of movement
Deflated, run flat tires only - decreased top speed, steering affected slightly (only certain military vehicles and armoured civilian cars)
Destroyed - very limited speed, steering requires constant adjustment

Please Devs, this needs some love.

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