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Enable weapon mounted flashlight be turned on/off using the lightOn/lightOff action
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The lightOn/lightOff action allows a vehicle's headlights to be turned on and off from a script. It would be nice if this action was also able to turn on/off a flashlight or IR pointer attached to the player's weapon. E.g.

gameLogic action ["lightOn", player]; // turn on flashlight / IR pointer

In my case I need it to restore the state of the flashlight after replacing the weapon with a removeWeapon/addWeapon sequence (which currently results in the flashlight being turned off).


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i dont think this is a good idea, people will spent more time searching with the mouse for the action and pressing enter than just pressing a button

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@Dr Death
I'm not talking about removing the keyboard binding for flashlight. What I'm suggesting is extending the already existing lightOn/lightOff action so it also can be used to turn on and off flashlight/ir pointer.

Currently, it only works for turning the headlights of vehicles on and off (there is no way to toggle the state of flashlight/ir pointer from a script).

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i dont think its a good idea, yes, its something new, not a removal or a change, but i think people will accidentally press on "turn IR laser on" and in a nightime MP session that's most likely a suicide.

No, it won't show up as an action in the action list. This is only a script enhancement. Sorry, if that wasn't clear.

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i am sorry, i still dont get it, what do you mean with script enhacement? do you want a better flashlight? or you want the binded button to "lightson/off" to work also in IR lasers?

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