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Inventory in vehicles
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Hello, I think it would be a useful feature to have the ability to open your inventory while in a helicopter or vehicle. It would be realistic and helpful to check your inventory while traveling in a helicopter or vehicle to an objective, LZ, etc. By the way this game is awesome and cant wait till its full release!


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pretty sure it's a duplicate, but again, yeah

Duplicate of #5610

How do u search though?

you dont, you wait until someone tells you

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Search = > View Issues page link > then the top part of the page are filters and there is a Search box and apply filter button.

e.g. apply

"How do u search though?"

in the search box and press the apply filter button, it should just return this report.

bez added a comment.Jun 16 2013, 10:15 PM

Dr. Death: "you dont, you wait until someone tells you"

LOL, true that! the search here is a bit funky,
sometimes I don't find anything, then someone will come and tell me
I did a duplicate...

anyway, upvoted for sure!
If I remember correctly, I think it was possible in ArmA2,
but I am not sure anymore :/

What I am more interested in is how do you fromat text here?
BOLD, hyperlinks (with out the full link adress), ITALIC etc...
I mean what is it BBcode? html? ...?

pretty sure you cant change format here

bez added a comment.Jun 17 2013, 1:11 AM

but, but, I see reporters like you and me posting with bold,
or even posting a link (but not the whole address link, you know what I mean right?)
I am sure there is some format here, right, someone? please!