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triggers not working with intel
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when you sync the triggers with task create task succeed ect it does not work ive checked that it is not a problem with the trigger condition being fulfilled by using a hint on act. this is only in .60 right now never had a problem before and it also has to be a new scenario made in .60 for this to happen if you play an already made mission the problem won't occur. {F19928} {F19929}


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I just made a completely new simple test mission using the Intel task modules linked to triggers etc, and ALL worked perfectly fine just as they have for the past few weeks when I first tried them.

Uploaded “” to show they work which was made after reading this.

Therefor I would suggest its your trigger conditions OR your placement of the trigger relative to the master “Task Create” vs. “CREATED” task state and their synchronisation.

Should be
Master Task Create | trigger | created task state

While all the others are
Master Task Create | task state (assigned, cancelled, failed or success) | trigger.

See image or mission file uploaded

i fixed it. missed one major thing i forgot to put in a task id

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Ok, seems this was a non-issue. :)