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infantry fighting
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Arma is almost perfect now i gotta thank you guys for the hard work but there is one issue and i'm sure everyone has that problem is that whenever you'er fighting with infantry you can barely see them unless your real close which kinda ruins the game now I play bf3 you can see infantry at a very far distance so why not make it like that and no it doesn't have to do with the view distance settings.


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Because that would be contradictory to Arma 3 being a war simulator, not a action first person shooter set in a war.

There's a reason why camouflage was invented and is used.

This isn't a problem with the game. Be alert, and stay near cover so you lessen the chance of being spotted first. And if they do spot you then you have time to identify with location of where the enemy is without being shot.

I think infantry is a little too easy to spot at long distances.

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Infantry being difficult to see in the distance is kind of the point. In fact, they are currently too easy to see due to the low quality mid range textures.