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Muzzle Devices
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While suppressors are nice, there should also be muzzle devices ranging from flash hiders such as the Smith Industries Vortex which almost completely removes the flash, to muzzle brakes and compensator which help direct the gas away from you and or reduce recoil.

Because some guns allow for easy muzzle device changing, such as the AK-47, and some do not, such as the AR-15 where the muzzle device might need a wrench to break free of the tight threads, I suggest that for guns which you cannot easily replace the muzzle device, but theoretically you could replace the barrel, you should be able to have various barrels with muzzle devices already attached.

This would work directly with my other feature mentioned, where you would be able to replace barrels on the respective weapons.


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this is god damn alpha, they even confirmed suppressors and flash suppressors

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Rah rah, let's get all mad, "god damn".

You do realize this is a FEATURE REQUEST, right? I'm not saying I want this right now. Do you even read the other feature requests? They are things that are complex, that might be added in DLC packs or patches down the road.

This is me suggesting a feature that matches directly with what they are trying to do, by adding modularity to firearms for ease of use and realistic gameplay. With your logic we should all just Q_Q and say every suggestion is stupid because we're in the Alpha, and the only things we should put up are bugs.

You did a really great job of expressing yourself though.

Thanks, but i am not getting mad, the only reason why i want to state that is because this was already confirmed, you know, the exact same thing i said in 60% of my previous comment.

I just want to make sure they are portrayed properly, because some require tools, while others do not, and there are differences between muzzle brakes, compensators, and flash hiders.

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If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.