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Barrel Changing
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Apologies if this is a dupe. I tried searching a myriad of things relating to muzzle brakes or barrels and didn't find anything like this.

My suggestion would be to add another slot onto weapons for more customization. This slot would be the actual rifle barrel itself. The reason I say this is because of two things.

  1. The main Blufor rifle is based upon the ACR, which has a quick detach barrel. This quick detach concept could also apply to any other weapons added to the game which would theoretically have this feature.
  1. Heavy and light machine guns can overheat after several hundred rounds, thus requiring the ability to replace the barrel.

As mentioned in 1, you obviously can't quickly replace the barrel on all rifles, so it would only apply to other rifles you deemed to have the quick detach feature, but I think this would be incredibly useful for two reasons. First, you don't need to have two guns in a crate, you just have 1, with the alternate barrel types, and two, you can easily turn a CQB version of the ACR, or any similar gun, into a marksman rifle with the quick change of a scope and the barrel.


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Downvoted. Seems like two different suggestions, one for overheating barrel, and another for different barrels.

The overheating part would for me be too much simulation, not enough gameplay value, while the gameplay difference between having multiple barrels, or multiple versions of each gun, is nearly non-existent.

I don't know if it works, but ACE mod currently has sparebarrels for MG's. I would like to see it in A3, but honestly I don't think BI will be the ones implementing it.

Upvoted though.

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I gave two suggestions that are a direct result of having the ability to change barrels.

As Stiffwood said, in ACE you need to change barrels if you shoot excessively, and a very large part of the community plays ACE. If Arma 3 is going to be a simulator, why not add that? Granted this type of suggestion isn't exactly the highest priority, but if you're going to downvote or say no to overheating barrels, which is a very real consideration in real combat, then you could say no to a lot of other features for being equally as tedious.

As far as the changing barrels out thing goes for rifles. If you notice on the MX series of rifles, for the Blufor, if you'll notice that's based upon the ACR in real life. That has an easily changed barrel. Now go back to the MX rifle, and notice how they have a marksman version, a rifle version, and a carbine version. What's the harm in being able to add a 20" barrel to the rifle rather than picking up a whole new gun?

Arma 3 is in 2035 after all, I'd hope there is a bit more modularity with firearms by then.

Part of my downvote is because I see this request as two different things. The first is changing between identical barrels to stop overheating, while the other is the option of changing the characteristics of each weapon. Splitting the request would make more sense to me, but not you perhaps :)

The reason not to add overheating barrels is a matter of priority for me. Even though it is perfectly realistic to include, I would rather see Bohemia focus on other things.
If this was to be implemented correctly, it should be possible to for an assistant gunner to change the barrel, as he would probably be carrying the spare. And then the AI should be able to do this as well. I think this would take more development time that I would like spent on other things. However if this suggestion was separated from the other, I would certainly not downvote it, and perhaps upvote it depending on how you suggest it is implemented.

As for the changing barrels for customization, for me using development time for a feature that has poor value, from my perspective, is wasteful. The difference between having two different rifles, or one rifle and two barrels, in ammo box is negligible. And the ability to carry all the different barrels, receivers, etc. around with you to change weapon type in the field would only enhance the one-man-army tendency on public servers

Understood, Stoner.

I had realized that I should have made two separate issue tickets after the fact, but figured since it isn't just a giant feature request with 10 suggestions all at once, it should be fine considering how closely related they are.

Something I'd like to point out to anyone who reads this is don't downvote a feature request simply because an issue like optimizing the game takes precedent over being able to change your barrel. That's silly. I think it's pretty clear this is not an urgent feature request, and so do the devs, so don't let that sway you showing support for something you'd like to eventually see down the road in the final product, or in a patch after the fact.

As far as changing the barrel thing for moving from a CQB rifle to a marksman rifle and so on. While I do agree it can be used by the commando players, of course, I think it has a much stronger application for unique game modes such as MSO events, where the world is persistent, and you have to be careful about what resources you use. If you're familiar with things like MSO you'll know what I mean. I think it could simply add to the modularity of the game, which they are clearly trying to do with attachments and etc.

Well, we have different opinions on how to use the downvote system then :) As I see it, a downvote for a ticket is a relative increase in value of my upvotes on tickets important to me.

I have also downvoted a ticket for dual-wielding pistols and SMGs, which, while quite unrealistic, could probably be useful some of the crazier mods. As I understand your reasoning, such a ticket should also not be downvoted.

I am certain that barrel-changing can have many good implications for the way you (and perhaps 99% of players) play the game, but from my POV it is not important.

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