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Wind direction change to fast and to mutch
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same feedback than 0009735 because it is not possible to change the status private to public. and it is impossible to delete a feedback (I just wanted to prepare my feedback in private and after that put it in public but it's impossible)

I use the VTS ballistic from l'etranger (excellent)
This mod make the wind affecting infantry projectiles.

and in arma the wind direction change every time and to much 'sometime from noth sometime from sud...)
in real life most of the time the wind don't change more than 30 degrees.

I windsurfer while more than 25 years (in France) and in real life I can confirm that the wind direction don't change every time like in arma (or only in thunderstorm)

so when you engage an enemy from a long range , sometime bullets impact are on the left of the target and sometime on the right, it's on right not realistic


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place smoke grenade and see the direction of the smoke, the direction will change to mutch

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Closing. :)