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Zero Range in SOS Scope changed to MOA / MIL and all future scopes.
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These scopes should be able to be zeroed at any range. I also get the fact that you still want sniping to be hard and not simplistic. therefore I would like to replace the 300m to 2300m ranging with MRAD (Angular mil) or MOA (minute of arc) increments instead of distance increments. as this is how these scopes function in the real world. This would also allow ranging of targets without a rangefinder (hard but doable). Because you already have a mil dot reticle on the SOS I would say stick with MIL.


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SMOA (aka Shooters MOA) ~ 1 inch at 100 yds (actual MOA is 1.047in)

NATO MIL~ 3.6" at 100 yards, or 36" at 1,000 yards.

1 NATO mil = 3.375 MOA (exactly).

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This will be a nice feature and make every scope independent of ballistics of the guns, so it's worth doing.

I really expected this to already be in the game so I was so disappointed when it wasn't!

This needs to happen.

Angular measurements for long range elevation adjustments needs to happen ALA ace mod.

Bohemia should push for deeper simulation just like they are with the new helicopter flight model.

The more complex and deeper all of the elements in this game get the better game it will be in the end.

This is an example of what I believe is being discussed.