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Feature request - Carring Anit materiel rifles
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I just noticed that player is able to carry the anti materiel rifles that have been released as normal weapons, not even getting fatigue. I was thinking that it would be good idea if player could carry a rifle trough holding it by carrying handle during running or sprinting and be able to deploy it only from prone or while crouching or from standing position while having some place where the rifle can be supported.

Also player should be able to carry the anti materiel rifle on "backpack position" while holding an smaller PDW weapon (like Mp7 and similar) and get more fatigue. These rifle have their weight in the real life and are quite heavy


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Related to 0005374, related to/duplicate of 0007392.

But an animation of carrying the rifle by its carrying handle would be nice and would make more sense, than running with it like if it was M4.

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