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Player is able to repair a vehicle instantly
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Instant repair:
A: If a player repair specialist is in the ragdoll state and if he is close enough to a vehicle that can be repaired the option "Repair [vehicle]" is available and will instantly repair that vehicle.

B: It is possible to stand close to the vehicle with a "Get in ..." option, use the repair option and immediately enter the vehicle, effectively aborting the repair animation and finishing the repair instantaneously.

In both cases the skipping or interrupting of the repair animation finishes the repairs at once.

None of the above mentioned. {F19872}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Open editor
  • Place a repair specialist [player]
  • Place an empty vehicle, set damage to a repairable level

There are three ways to fix the vehicle:
(A) Normal repair using the "Repair vehicle" action
(B) While the player is in ragdoll state near the vehicle (run over, exited the vehicle while it was moving, etc.) use the "Repair vehicle" option - vehicle will be repaired instantly
(C) Use the "Repair vehicle" action and use any of the "Get in ..." action - the vehicle will be repaired as soon as the player enters the vehicle

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Surely someone else must think this is an exploit?

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Does this only happen in the dev build?

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No, it's possible on stable branch. I'll update the ticket.

It is still possible. #23469

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Issue persists in latest stable 1.54.133570.