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Make Factions-Side selectable
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This is my First request, i Hope i did not do it wrong.

In arma 2, having a mission that contains a fight Blufor vs Blufor or Blufor + Opfor vs. Resistance was a bit struggling to achieve. So my idea was, why couldn't the mission maker decide in the advanced intel Tab, wich Faction was on wich side, so you could make a mission where Blufor had an agreement with some opfor faction but was at war with a 3rd Party wich was also at war, or not, to Opfor.

most RTS games support that sort of "Team-Management", and doing so would let Arma 3 Allow even more freedom to mission Makers.



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Try to make Opfor friendly to Blufor without disabling Target or Autotarget function or making Blufor Captive.

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Seems like a good idea to me, might be a little difficult to implement though, even if you can't change the sides you should be able to easily manipulate the allegiances.

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You can achieve this within the editor, or at least this works in A2. Place your units / groups of the opfor for example. Then place one unit from blufor near each opfor group. Make him max rank, and use the group function to join them to the blufor. Set the blufor units probability of presence to 0. The opfor groups will now be on blufor sides. Either that or edit the side in the mission.sqm.

I do agree though, something what you have suggested would make it much easier, to select actual side. A drop down box within the unit dialog with the options of CIV, BLUFOR, OPFOR, RESISTANCE or something simple like that.

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@mr. Ben: the main problem is, that you can not spawn any units like that. if you spawn west units on east side, they may attack themselves.

and like that, the amount of different missions with more different scenarios and even more contet will increase.

or, to not overcomplicate things, just give the option to ally blufor and opfor, that alone would give a whole new set of possibilites.


I think you misunderstand me :)

I fully agree with your request, in and outside of the editor. My point was, that you can do it in the editor, and also via scripting infact, by creating a group for the desired side, and spawning the required group and getting them to join it. It is all possible, just very messy and long winded.

Again, I agree with your comments and idea's. Their should be a better system both via scripting (such as a parameter in createUnit or BIS_fnc_spawnunit or group) and in the editor.

I was just being helpful to give you a work around, and to illustrate the current method employed needed to get around such issues. I personnally love making cool scenario's like with these, and so upvoted the issue. It does open up a new world to basic combat, into espionage and other things.

Downvoted for now.
Blufor fight Opfor. Green can probably side with both, either or none just like independent in the editor right now.

@Mr.Ben, don't worry, i Understand you, no hard feelings :)
yes, it is possible via scripting but it is, as you said, hassling. and using a suite like DAC makes it a nearly impossible task.

oh, and i was really tired when i wrote this post, and english is not my native language so i guess i messed a bit up while writing.

@Sneakson: Blufor and Opfor are just name-Placeholders... Blufor the blue "friendly" forces troops, Opfor the Opposing forces. but who determines who is blufor and who is opfor?

what if I want to build a mission where russia fights takistan?
not possible now, or at least not without a shitload of scripts wich would be unnecessary if i could just say Russia are Blufor and Takistan Opfor for this battle.

it would still be Blufor vs. Opfor, but who is Blufor and who is Opfor would be up to the mission maker.

you can still set up defaults so the mission maker doesn't have to mess around with it, but it would be nice if he would be able to.

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