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New features for Editor to allow player to set "custom" formation to waypoint and edit group member position/direction on map.
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Currently player can select pre-defined formations at waypoint for each group and AI will do its best to follow group leader in selected formations.

All waypoints are pre-defined and only when

  1. Player is group leader and commands specific group members to go specific location or watch specific direction.
  1. Group waypoint "Combat Mode" is set to "Engage" or "Behavior" is "Combat"

and then each group member will move as they see to fit

I suggest to have possibility to player in editor to give orders for all AI controlled group members individually by giving a custom position and custom direction where to look.

It would allow player to make enemy or other AI controlled groups to behave more like human would be commanding units positions to get them further of leader position.

Editor would get a new button to hide/show a group members custom positions and directions when waypoint formation is set to "custom".
Questionable is does all custom positions/directions be visible when filter is enabled or just selected group so screen doesn't suddenly get cluttered if having very much custom locations.

I made a mockup of the idea where currently when enabled the filter, all custom directions and positions are shown.

Group members would "morph" smoothly while moving to their custom locations and the custom direction is heading what each group member is keeping eye when moving. If group stops to waypoint (timer/trigger etc) then each group member takes corresponding direction to look out, allowing player to design defensive positions where each group member look different directions and group covering 360 degree. When group members move between custom formations waypoints, they move directly from completed waypoint position to active waypoint position.

This would allow player to create easier way a more "prettier" (or "complex") group movements where example 7 men group moves in 3x2 and squad leader separately of them. As well possibility to get a AT pair to take flanking position or marksman or Machine Gunner to take better location without player knowing anything about complex scripting of joining individual soldiers to groups and separating them when needed.

This would as well ease making cutscenes and videos where not everyone are keeping 3-5m distance to each other in squads/platoons.



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