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Making NightVision graphics more realistic
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Night vision mode is a just brightened green screen. I think it would be better if we could add the following features ;

1-) Adding 'a little bit' of noise effect.
2-) Being able to see glaring/glowing eyes on both animals and humans.
3-) Reducing the too much of greenish-ness by making it 'slightly' more
4-) Instead of having a tight/narrow sight because of the goggles blocking the angle, we can have a wider sight, but as well we can have a dark fade outs to the sides of the view.Screen can get darker from center to the sides of our view. Because basically the way of NVs work is, hitting focused IR light onto an angle and projecting the visual to the optics.
Lights only lighten the center.

These should be easy to add. What do you guys think ? Thanks ! {F19859}


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As you can see on the photo, you can see all of the 4 things I mentioned. No matter if it's in 2035. This mode will be highly realistic and entertaining.

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by the way maybe a crosshair color change on NV too ? (not that necessary though)

and sorry I can not add related topics after

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There is already a ticket for making NVGs more realistic: #5719

If you have anything to add to it, post it there.